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Free Quran Reading With Tajweed Course For Beginners, Basic To Advance Level

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About Course

We present our humble efforts in trying to make the learning of the Qur’an easy for children as well as adults. At the end of this course, you will be able to recite words of the Qur’an with the application of Tajweed rules. Reading correctly will inspire joy and enthusiasm in each student and teacher, as they will get closer to the Divine Revelation.

In this course, I’ve used some techniques to learn and understand the Quran Reading faster. As I am teaching Quran Reading With Tajweed for almost 3 years and I’ve taught this subject One To One. I’ve been teaching kids, adults, and older people. The experience that I’ve got in these 3 years, I’ve recorded some basic lessons about Quran Reading With Tajweed. These lessons are very useful for everyone, who want to learn basic skills of Quran Reading and wants to improve their Reading Skills.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Recognition of All the Arabic Letter With pictures. And Recognition of Different Shapes of Arabic Letters.
  • Makhaarij have been taught using pictures as an aid to explanation from the very initial stages using latest Technology.
  • Explanation of All the Arabic Signs and their Function like Fatha, Kasra, Dumma, using different examples.
  • Proper Pronunciation of Arabic Words, by braking down into small syllables than it will become easier to pronounce them.
  • Explanation of All Types of Arabic Letters, like Maddah letters, Throat Letters, Heavy Letters, and all the other types.
  • All The Rules of Noon Sakina or Tanween like Idhaar, Idghaam. Iqlaab and Ikfaa, We will cover All the Tajweed Rules.
  • Interesting features of the Arabic language are shown in different lessons. It will more interest in learning.
  • Translation of Arabic Words, Tips, and Tricks to learn fast, and Interesting Stories, included making the learning easy and fun.

Course Content

Arabic Letters And Their Different Shapes

  • Learn All the Arabic Letters With Correct Pronunciation
  • Articulation Points of Some Letters Makharij ul Huroof
  • Different Shapes of Arabic Letters Part 1
  • Different Shapes of Arabic Letters Part 2
  • Special Letters in The Beginning of Some Surahs

Arabic 6 Signs And Their Functions

Long Vowels In Arabic

How To Read Different Types of Arabic Words

How To Solve Tricky Arabic Words (Important)

Types of Arabic Letters (Tajweed Rules)

Hinding And Merging The Sound of Noon (Tajweed Rules)

Hamza tul Wasl (Connecting Alif) And Noon Qutni Rules

The Rules of Noon Sakina And Tanween

How to Read Suadi Arabian Quranic Writing Style (Uthmani Script)

How To Read IndoPak Quranic Writing Style

Imitation Exercise (Listen and Practice)
Listen to the reciter and try to imitate the reciter, while listening pay attention on each sound.

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1 year ago
Excellent audio explaining as well as visual explaining